Cary Band Day

It was always the same, yet somehow each year was different. One thing that was always the same was the cold. I don’t know how they always knew which Saturday in November would be the coldest, but they did.

The parade seemed to start at the crack of dawn. Although I know it couldn’t be that early. By that time of year the days were shorter, and we had to park what seemed like miles away from our spot along the route. So getting up early was always a part of Cary Band Day.

Although one year I didn’t see the parade from the sidelines, I saw it from the top of a float. I don’t remember the theme of the float, much less the sponsor. But, I do remember the huge “Nellie Olsen” bow in my in my hair and the gigantic lollipop–you know the ones, they’re multi-colored and swirled. That was a great parade . . . okay, so mostly it was great to eat the lollipop!

One year I didn’t see the parade at all. I was too busy trying to remember all the right notes, keep rhythm and stay in step all at the same time. As an eighth grader I wasn’t too good at that. That was my last year in band, but certainly not my last experience with Cary Band Day.

In fact, a couple years ago I happened to be visiting my parents one weekend in November. As we sat out on the deck you could still clearly hear the bands as they competed for the “Best of Show” and other awards.

It was a very sweet sound.

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A while ago I purchased a book titled, “Writing your Life: Putting Your Past On Paper” by Lou Willett Stanek, Ph.d. I purposely put the book away after purchasing it.

I was out at Borders and saw this book on an end cap. While I want to do some writing, I knew that I was not ready to commit to this book at that time. Recently some things have changed in my life and I now feel ready to do more writing. Also, I received a new journal from a friend. The title on the journal is “Don’t you remember?” What a perfect journal to record my ‘memoirs’.

Each chapter talks about some aspect of writing down your memories and follows it with some suggested topics to start you thinking.

Some of those memories will be posted here, some may just remain in the journal. But, I’m excited to be writing again.

So keep watching . . . ‘Memories’ to come

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