Attention Deficit or Alzheimer’s

I’ve spent the last day and a half wanting to write something here. I’ve had several ideas bouncing–quite literally–around in my head. There is one idea that has stood out as THE topic.

However, I keep forgetting what that topic is. Now I’m beginning to wonder what’s happening. Is it my attention deficit disorder or something more sinister like Alzheimer’s? Earlier today when I had another “aha” moment of remembering what that fabulous topic is I suggested that I write it down. I got distracted or maybe I forgot. If I got distracted I’ve forgotten what the distraction was.

So, attention deficit disorder . . . or . . . Alzheimer’s
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One Response to “Attention Deficit or Alzheimer’s”

  1. PrincessL Says:

    BTW, I finally remembered THE topic. And I wrote it down . . . now to just remember where I wrote it . . . Check back in a few days, there should be a new post.

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