~as they say, “everybody has one”. And for the person who says they don’t have an opinion, isn’t that the same as saying, “In my opinion I don’t care enough about that (whatever ‘that’ may be) to put any thought into it.” Therefore, their opinion is ‘this is not important’.

This past week I’ve offered the opportunity to and asked people for their opinions. In eight days I have facillitated four focus groups for Sarah-Noelle, an all natural skin care line. Asking the same questions time after time and getting different answers. Sometimes the answers varied slightly. At other times the answer was the polar opposite of what the last person had shared.

Asking the questions and getting the answers was the easy part. Now, what to do with all that information? If I weren’t already convinced that you cannot please all of the people (at any time, much less all of the time) this would have been the experiment to prove that.

It could be very easy to take what I’ve learned and just pay attention to the people that agreed with my opinion and do what I wanted to do in the first place. However, that would prove that a) I totally wasted my time asking for other’s opinions b) I’m bascally a selfish person and don’t care what anyone else thinks or wants, or c) I’m always right.

It would make a lot more sense to take what was learned from all of these opinions and a) b) see what the majority thinks and move forward on those ideas and c) admit that I’m not always right (But, I am still cute!)


4 Responses to “Opinions”

  1. Joni Says:

    But you told me you were always right! Does that mean I don’t have to believe you now? 😉

  2. Glen Says:

    I have my opinion and it is important! You have your opinion and it is also right! It all depends on the perspective from which it originates!!!

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