Life, Death, and Beauty

Earlier today I was planning to write about beauty.

I found a video clip that explains why stress affects our skin and I had some thoughts about that and how the products of Sarah-Noelle could help both with stress and skin care.

Part of Sarah-Noelle’s mission statement is, “While perfect skin and physical beauty are not ultimate goals, there is a sense of contentment in knowing you look your best—especially when you understand that your external appearance is merely a prelude to the authentic, spiritual artistry that is within you.”

The news I received this afternoon about a friend (and former roommate) taking her own life on Thursday has changed my frame of mind today.

My friend, let’s call her Leigh, was an absolutely beautiful young woman. Both in looks and spirit. Her aspirations in life revolved around making others laugh and smile. She was an actress. She touched lives everywhere she went. And because of her profession, she went many places.

Unfortunately she never knew how beautiful she was. And even more unfortunately, she never knew how much she was loved. Her ‘day job’ was as an assistant at a local synagogue. She worked on the sets of several “Christian” films and TV shows. But she had no faith.

As I read the posts on her Facebook page for the last few days it is clear that she touched many lives and was loved by them all. But she never knew the love that is most important, longest lasting, furthest reaching, and deepest feeling. She never understood how much God loved her. Never accepted the sacrifice he made for her, never accepted the grace he generously offered.

And that is where the story of her life of beauty turns to a story of an ugly death. Not only because she chose to take her life, but more so because she never chose to give her life to God. 

I will miss Leigh, her sweet spirit and incredible smile. And I pray that next time God brings a Leigh into my life that I can help her “understand that your external appearance is merely a prelude to the authentic, spiritual artistry that is within you” and search for God’s love, grace, mercy, and salvation.


3 Responses to “Life, Death, and Beauty”

  1. Joni Says:

    Very well said.

  2. Donna Says:

    Princess L, you are all inspiring! I am touched by your heart and your devotion to do something with your life in spite of what Staten may tempt you with! Keep up the good fight!

    So sorry for the loss of your friend!

    All the best, your sister in Christ!

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