Life Coaching

If you try finding the definition for Life Coaching you’ll probably be overwhelmed with the number of responses. There are about as many definitions as there are life coaches. In the most basic sense coaching is helping someone go from good to excellent.

If we’re talking about a sports coach they take an individual or team; motivate, guide, hold accountable, and inspire them to move from being good to excellent. The same is true of a life coach.

So who would hire a life coach? Someone who has a good life, but wants an excellent life; someone who has a dream, but doesn’t know how to make it happen; someone who wants an unbiased cheerleader to lead them into an exciting future.

Coaches offer an ongoing partnership designed to produce a more fulfilling life by identifying gifts, talents, and sense of purpose.

Life coaching is not therapy. Life coaching focuses on the future and making your life what you want it to be. Whether it is changing careers, financial freedom, navigating relationships, or just working to grow into the person that God created you to be a life coach can help you. Can you do all of those things on your own? Maybe, but why do it alone when you can have the assistance, cheering, accountability, and listening ear of a life coach; who can help you get there faster and easier (if you’re willing to do the work).

A life coach can only guide, cheer, listen, and hold you accountable. You are still responsible for doing the hard work. But a life coach can make it more enjoyable.


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