If you were a part of my life last winter, and paying any attention at all, you will recall that I was not very happy with the squirrels in my neighborhood.  Instead of watching them run, and jump, and climb I was listening to them scratch on the other side of my ceiling.

Most evenings I was home last winter were spent relaxing in front of the fireplace. Sometimes I was reading, other times playing on the computer, and periodically just sitting enjoying my new home and reflecting.

Suddenly my peaceful solitude would be interrupted by the pitter-patter of little feet running across my ceiling, or worse scratching on my ceiling. UGH! Initially I could throw any nearby object, typically a pen, hit the ceiling and it would get quiet. I could return to my peacefulness and continue my activities. It didn’t take long before the squirrels began to ignore objects thumping from below. It may be quiet for a second, but that was it.

Today I have a little different attitude toward my neighborly squirrels. It seems I have a ‘favorite’ squirrel (I’m not sure who decides favorites, me or the squirrel).  He seems to have a routine worked out. He climbs to the top of a tree and jumps on my roof. Then he works his way down the door leading from my balcony to the living room. I still don’t understand how he can climb down glass without skidding to a disastrous end, but he does. Once he reaches the balcony itself he goes and takes a drink of water from the ’empty’ flower pot that is presently residing on the balcony. Sometimes when he finishes his refreshment he just hangs out for a little while. Eventually he decides it is time to move on. He climbs the railing and from the top of the railing he looks very carefully, takes time to assess the situation and jumps to the very same branch on the very same dogwood tree each and every time, then skitters away. He’s got a routine.

It sometimes amazes me how a little perspective can change our attitudes.  Last winter squirrels had me fussing, grumbling, and continually getting frustrated. Now I watch patiently to see when my squirrel friend will visit me. And it makes me smile.

P.s. If the squirrels somehow find their way back into my attic this year, I’ll probably be back to fussing and grumbling. I’m just sayin’


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