Now I Remember

My five-year-old niece, Aloysius, was sharing a story with me this evening that involved Mrs. Callaghan. Not being familiar with Mrs. Callaghan I asked who she is. She is Aloysius’s adoptive grandmother from church. Or as Aloysius says, “I’m her back up grandchild, she ran out of grandchildren so now she has me.” Aloysius continued to explain that Mrs. Callaghan’s grandchildren have grown up and “gotten old”.
So, I asked what Mrs. Callaghan would do when Aloysius got old. Aloysius answered that when she grows up she’ll get married and have children so Mrs. Callaghan will always have grandchildren. I thought that was a very noble idea.
However, since I have never married I had some questions.
“What if you never get married?”
“But I’m going to get married when I grow up.”
“But what IF you don’t get married?”

“Well then, I’m going to remember that I forgot to get married and I’ll get married.”

Who knew it was so easy. I looked at my 14-year-old niece, Zeke, and said, “I just remembered that I never got married, I think I’ll go do that now.”

And somehow the remainder of my questions seemed moot.

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2 Responses to “Now I Remember”

  1. Mom Says:

    She does think things through, doesn’t she?

    • princessl Says:

      In a later conversation Beth and I were laughing about ‘forgetting to get married’ within earshot of Aloysius. I’m not sure what she heard, but she asked me if I have a boyfriend. I replied, “No.” So she said I should get a boyfriend and then I could marry him . . . after I got used to him. It started a whole new round of laughter.

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