If you were a part of my life last winter, and paying any attention at all, you will recall that I was not very happy with the squirrels in my neighborhood.  Instead of watching them run, and jump, and climb I was listening to them scratch on the other side of my ceiling.

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Life Coaching

If you try finding the definition for Life Coaching you’ll probably be overwhelmed with the number of responses. There are about as many definitions as there are life coaches. In the most basic sense coaching is helping someone go from good to excellent.

If we’re talking about a sports coach they take an individual or team; motivate, guide, hold accountable, and inspire them to move from being good to excellent. The same is true of a life coach.

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~as they say, “everybody has one”. And for the person who says they don’t have an opinion, isn’t that the same as saying, “In my opinion I don’t care enough about that (whatever ‘that’ may be) to put any thought into it.” Therefore, their opinion is ‘this is not important’.

This past week I’ve offered the opportunity to and asked people for their opinions. In eight days I have facillitated four focus groups for Sarah-Noelle, an all natural skin care line. Asking the same questions time after time and getting different answers. Sometimes the answers varied slightly. At other times the answer was the polar opposite of what the last person had shared.

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